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Being open to possibility..... 

Have you ever thought maybe of the possibility of meeting someone

Maybe that someone is a someone that you connect with? 

Maybe that someone is a someone you are attracted too? 

Maybe that someone is a someone can feel relaxed around? 

Maybe they are a possible friend and maybe they are a possible more?

Maybe you have previously met this someone and maybe it's time for your paths to re-cross?

How will your story begin??? 

Entering into the unknown can be fun, can be impulsing, exciting and yes, a little of whatever you make of it... 

Experience something or someone new at NY Events presenting Perth Hills Speed Dating and Singles Parties be open to the possibility of something...


Events Back Soon


Events Back Soon!
We spend a lot of time preparing and working towards bringing you quality and fun events!
Soon, we will create a poll to find out exactly what you want in your singles events and we'll be back soon! 


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